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Do I have to attend traffic school in the county I was cited in, or can I attend traffic school in the county I live in?

You are able to attend traffic school anywhere in the state of CA, as long as the school you select is DMV licensed.

What happens after I have finish the traffic school?

As long as you provide the school with all of the correct information needed to connect your certificate of completion to your case, then the school will electronically submit your certificate to the court and DMV.

What is the difference types of courses allowed by the Court?

Traffic School is typically offered in three different formats:

  • Classroom-based course you need to physically attend.
  • Internet-based course you can take anywhere you have internet access.
  • Home Studyis a workbook-based course with a physical booklet that is mailed.

How long will it take if I choose to do traffic school online?

Traffic school online and in person typically takes 8 hours to complete.

I have already paid the court to attend an online traffic school, do I also have to pay the online traffic school?

Yes you do. What you paid for at the Court is your fine plus an administration fee to attend traffic school. All traffic schools are privately owned and vary in price.

If I take an online traffic school course, will my ticket be taken off my record?

Pursuant to AB2499, which was passed in the 2009-2010 legislative session, effective July 1, 2011, traffic violations where a defendant has elected or been ordered to attend a traffic violator school will no longer be a dismissal on the driving record. They will now become a confidential conviction. A confidential conviction will mask the violation from your public record. Insurance companies will not see the confidential conviction.

Can I get an extension from you on my traffic school requirement?

No. Only the Court that you were cited from can grant an extension. You need to contact that Court.

When choosing a traffic school to complete the court requirement, how can I tell which one to pick?

Every traffic school is privately owned. They have different prices and locations. What you can do is call around and see what they offer. Every school on this website is DMV licensed.