Ventura Federal

If your county is not on our county list, click on the following link to access the DMV website. Once on the DMV website, follow the directions below. Please print this page if needed.

  • Scroll down and hit Start Search.
  • You MUST hit “I Agree” to access the system.
  • Scroll down and Select Traffic Violator School List then click Continue.
  • Click “Get Traffic School List”.
  • Scroll down and Select either Classroom Course, Internet Course or Home Study Course and click Get Traffic School List.
  • Scroll down and Select the county in which you want to attend Traffic School.
  • Click on Get Traffic School List.
  • Pick any School and sign up with them.
  • You must call the school before attending.

This link and information on it is maintained by the Department of Motor Vehicles. If you need assistance with printing a list, please contact the Department of Motor Vehicles at 800-777-0133.